Finnick’s death.

Hey guys. So I was up late last night cuz I couldn’t sleep and I wrote this. So bear with me. I know it’s horrible. But I feel this is significantly better than the few sentences he got in Mockingjay. 


       I hurriedly climb the ladder, trying to outrun the mutts. An overwhelming smell of roses lurks in the air. I’m less than halfway up the ladder with the mutts gnawing at my heels. Their breath was hot and reeking with the stench of blood of their previous victim. I hear Katniss calling for me and I want to call back but a mutt sunk its teeth into my calf. I let a scream escape my lips. I see a frightened Katniss peer over the ledge back into the sewers at me. Our eyes connect as the lizard like mutt drags me back down the ladder. Her eyes red with tears, knowing my fate is sealed. Instead of the searing pain I’m in and try and focus on a memory. Any happy memory I could think of. Like teaching Annie to fish, or swimming with Annie, or marrying Annie, or when Annie told me she was pregnant. Annie was in all my happy memories because she was the reason I was happy. My heart broke at the thought of never seeing her again.  Never running my fingers through her chocolate brown hair. Or kissing her, or telling her I loved her. I took my final breath staring at Katniss, thinking about Annie all the while getting ripped limb from limb. 

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